Baton Rouge Paralegal Morgan Chanel

Morgan Chanel

Morgan Chanel is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, administrative professional with multiple years of experience in legal research. A member of the Baton Rouge Paralegal Association, she most recently served as a paralegal at Rowe Law Firm, where she was responsible for the preparation of 80 concurrent cases. At Rowe, Morgan Chanel drew on her communication, customer service, and organizational skills to efficiently prepare each case in a timely manner, gathering the necessary briefs, documentations, and additional resources required by each supervising attorney.

In this dynamic role, Ms. Chanel deftly navigated a fast-paced, demanding environment in which she helped resolve challenges for Rowe’s clients, staff members, managers, and attorneys. In addition to her case preparation activities, Morgan Chanel served as a primary subject matter expert for multiple technical investigations.

Morgan Chanel holds an associate’s degree in marine biology from Louisiana State University, where she was active in the Alpha Phi sorority and the Student Christian Medical Association (SCMA), joining the SCMA on medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Peru. Morgan Chanel also volunteered her time at St. Joseph Hospice.